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By the community for the community ...

Welcome to the Victory Heights Community Association website and Residents Forum !

This website and its Forums were created by a group of dedicated owners and resident-owners living in Victory Heights Dubai Sports City in late 2009.


Today all 7 Victory Heights Villages have been handed-over and are occupied : Estella, Esmeralda, Novelia, Carmen, Oliva, Calida and Morella.

Today this website has grown to over 1500 registered members, and the official Interim Owners Association (IOA) that was elected by the General Assemble in June 2011 is still going strong.


Exchange ideas, comment on events, ask for advice, look for solutions, share experiences…


This website is designed to provide information to residents about the Community Association and its operations, about the activities of the Owners Association and to receive valuable feedback about the community from residents.

Members are encouraged to post messages and replies in any of the 20 active forums available.

Although this is not the official website of the Interim Owners Association, this forum is also used by the Board of the Victory Heights Owners Association to communicate to its members in an efficient and interactive way.

Residents - both owners and tenants - are asked to register on the site to gain access to an ever expanding range of topics and discussions about our community. Only when registered can the contents of the forums be viewed.